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Stillness Yoga Workshop with Aleks Glitzeric

Running from one place to the other, filling up the schedule, feeling stressed and pressured at work, not finding time to take a bath and even if - it's difficult to relax and just be. 

I feel you. I lived like this many years and my medicine was SLOWING DOWN. 

It was quite an intense journey - I'm at the point where it gets easier to drop in and relax myself. The biggest part is dropping out of my head and going into my body. 

When I stopped running around and feeling all the time exhausted, something strange happened... I started hearing my intuition. Wow. That's powerful. Because once I tuned in with my intuition, everything changed. Suddenly I stared feeling what's actually good for me and what not - before and not only after it happen.


This S T I L L N E S S workshop is for you, if you...

  • finally want to come back to yourself
  • reconnect to your intuition
  • nurture your soul and recharge your batteries
  • release stuck emotions in your body
  • feel lighter, calm, clear and relaxed
  • want to feel your heart, body and soul again
  • are ready to surrender, let go and heal past (emotional) wounds
  • have the desire to get to know yourself and your body better
  • live your life more mindful, with less stress and more joy
  • can't sit still, feel stressed, have a full heavy mind 
  • don't know how to say no
  • are ready to learn how to take care of yourself and set healthy boundaries


We're going to dive in very deep into:

  • Yin Yoga (fascia & meridians magic)
  • Journaling
  • Sharing Circles
  • Yoga Nidra (very deep shavasana, also called yogi sleep)
  • Pranayama (breathing exercises)
  • Meditation


What else?

  • Your investment is 2,5 hours, curiosity & CHF 45.-
  • CHF 5.- go towards Amritapuri Ashram & Charity (
  • Please book your spot in advance via e-mail ( or directly at Sleepy Yogi Studio until 28. 7. 17. In order to be able to reserve your spot we require a deposit of 20.-CHF
  • Please arrive 10 minutes earlier
  • If you eat breakfast, keep it light (smoothie, chia pudding, fruits...) at least 1 hour before the workshop and keep yourself hydrated with water


About Aleks

I'm called Aleks and a young woman who is on the path of her heart. Going up, going down and sharing it with you honestly, so that you know you're not alone in this. I left Switzerland in October 2015 because my inner flow felt so different from what was going on in Zurich and my past life... Since then I'm on the road with my love Adam, Yoga and a craving to go deeply inside of myself. Because I realised that outer freedom isn't equal to inner freedom. If you're curious, come visit me on my blog and hopefully get empowered to dive inside of yourself. 

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Yogastudio Sleepy Yogi Löwenstrasse 2 | 8001 Zürich